Memorial Day “Body Armor”

SandLot Science

I have participated in this WOD four times. Each time I have wrecked myself physically and emotionally. I just want to tell you how much Memorial Day and this WOD in particular mean to me.

Memorial is -paraphrasing Webster’s definition- something established to remind people of a person or event.

Memorial Day is an American holiday established to remind us of those women and men who have given their lives in the service of our great nation. In the course of this country’s almost 240 years thousands have made that ultimate sacrifice. For fifteen years now America has been at war, times in multiple theatres. In the connected world we live in, during the course of these past fifteen years everybody has felt in degrees of course the impact of the death of a service-wo/man who made that sacrifice. This coming Monday will be the day established to remind us…

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