Close door. Drop Mic. Take a bow. It’s done.

Hungry?  I’ve been thinking about the good ol’ 505 lately, so I made red chile pork posole in my crock pot. My recipe comes from memory and a container of Bueno Red Chile, but you could use this.  It’s not necessarily paleo unless you adjust it some, but it will feed your soul and there’s a lot of benefit to that.


Welp, the Crossfit Games Open 2016 is over. I think I speak for many and most when I shout a hearty, “GOOD RIDDANCE!” Now, let’s talk about how it went.

In summary:


In more specific detail:

16.1 – 20 Min AMRAP walking lunges and other stuff.


I tried hard, but perhaps a different strategy would have yielded better results.  It’s only in the last week I’ve figured out how to optimize jumping pull ups.  Data that would’ve been useful here.

16.2 – Increasing clock of stupid cardio crap and squat clean ladder.

The cardio parts pretty much looked like this the whole time (Thank you, jump rope).


But, the squat cleans had me feeling super swole.


I set my eyes on a goal and when I got there I allowed myself to feel good about the effort.  Good enough to drink a vodka and soda that night, as I recall.

16.3 – 7 minute AMRAP of power snatch and bar muscle ups.  Or not.  Mostly Not.  


This workout left me feeling completely disrespected.How hard could a jumping chest to bar pull up be? Honestly, how hard? Oh, I see.  Impossible. And, just when I thought my day was done after 7 minutes the incredulous voice of my coach boomed across the gym saying, and I quote, “I would never program just a seven minute workout, that’s ridiculous.” Then he pointed at the board upon which was written a partner workout of 100 reps of all the things.  The whole day was one big NOPE.

16.4 – 13 minute AMRAP of death by counts of 55.

After the relative humiliation of the week prior I may have approached this with some excessive bravado.


My goal was to finish the 55 calorie row, and I had no further aspirations.  So, when it became clear I was certainly going to finish the row, my coach came up behind me and yelled, and I quote, “FALL OFF THE ROWER AND GET TO YOUR PUSH UPS!” It was an effective motivator, and looked a lot like this:


I got five hand release push ups completed before the clock dinged.  To set a goal and meet that goal is, like, the most satisfying feeling EVER.


This one was almost as validating as 16.2.  Almost.

16.5 – Repeat of 14.5 which no one ever asked for ever. 

There seemed to be two general reactions, judging by the Twitverse.  (Or is it Twitterverse? Or Twitsphere? I don’t know.)


There was no time cap.  Just giant endless carts supplying the thruster and burpee buffet.  Lucky for us at CrossFit Mount Kisco we’d tested this wod some months prior and the coach said, and I quote, “Lucky for us did this recently! We’ve got some times to beat!” Then he posted a picture of the results whiteboard from the previous time, the revelation of which yielded one of two general reactions.

Initially, I thought my previous time was near the 30 minute mark. But, it was 21:19. And, it was 10 pounds lighter.  How does one PR their weight AND time? By deciding to, evidently.  Or by accident.  I think a little of both is actually what happened.   Ultimately, I ended up with three PRs: 1) Used a 45# bar; 2) Finished under my 20 minute goal at 19:54; 3) Completed the first 21 thrusters unbroken.  UN. BROKEN.  UN. HEARD OF. Was I happy? Darn tootin’.




In the scaled individual women category I ended up in 1,499th place in my region, and a stellar 13,777th place worldwide and TAH-DAH!  It’s done. $20 well spent?  At a minimum it seems to have paid for my steerage class ticket on the bullet train to Gainztown, so I’m content.


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