Meet Your Adventure Cooker Travel Guides

Make no mistake, this is a blog that will talk about Crossfit.


We will also talk about the adventures we are cooking up in our respective lives on any subject that fancy strikes.  There may be swearing, there may be use of words exceeding two or three syllables, there may be humor, there may not be humor, but most of all there will be authenticity.

Meet Chuck.   Father.  Crossfitter. All-around awesome person.  Chuck will be your man’s perspective on this blog, and make no mistake, his perspective is like none you’ve ever read before.  He is raw, honest, eloquent, and above all profoundly relatable.


Meet George.  George is a girl, and no you may not ask what her birth certificate name is, because in this environment it is completely irrelevant.  George is a wife, mother, and fatty.  Her writing is mostly built on snark, but you can expect to experience the crossfit and nutrition adventures she cooks up in the best way possible: with a grin.


Pack your bags, and get ready to start cooking up some adventures with us.  Check back often!


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